However, there are alternatives and every sensible news junkie should be going for Google News. We say that with absolute certainty — and yet we find ourselves reading Apple News instead. You do need to do that to get the most out of Apple News, but even without it, the app delivers you the main stories from your local region. It’s a feature called Top Stories and tends to be national or state headlines but the selection is curated by an editorial team at Apple. Then, too, there is really only the iOS app for Microsoft News.

By tracking the title of the blog post, you can easily monitor if other sites republish your content. When you receive an alert, check to make sure you receive proper credit and that they’ve linked to your original article. You can set up alerts of your brands, you can easily track down websites and individuals that might have pirated your property and then you can take action against them. By tracking your competitors, you can also find new content ideas for your website. Instead of creating alerts of their brand names, you can enter the URL of their blog page. Next Google News, enter the search terms you want to track on Google Alerts.

Newt Gingrich: Democrats Live In A ‘fantasy’ World

In this track, William Vambenepe, our product management director for news, will lead a session to share lessons about product management at Google.You can apply to participate until March 5. Check back next month for more updates, and follow along through our newsletter and social for more newsroom resources. The Frenchand English sessions are available to view on demand, and Canadian publishers can access resources from the event online. At the Google News Initiative last month, we felt the love for new publisher tools, training programs and newsroom success stories.

The service allows businesses to monitor what is being said about their brand, industry, and their competitors, ensuring you’re always ahead of the story and prepared to respond to any misinformation or bad publicity. CyberAlert offers multiple news clipping services of over 50,000 online and print news sources in 250+ languages. Look into the speed of the different news clipping services as the turnaround time will play a role in how quickly your business reacts to news leaks or bad press. Universal Information Services is a comprehensive monitoring service that offers news clippings for all types of media. In addition, the service allows you to view, organize, share, analyze, and archive media results. However, after following the instructions to create a news aggregator site above, which is free, you could always choose to add the “autoblog” functionality at a later date using extensions to your WordPress site.

Customise Your News List

Set up later Close icon Two crossed lines that form an ‘X’. At first I thought the little red triangular tabs were a nice visual indicator, but somehow they messed that up too. Each icon could have had the tab in a different corner, but Calendar and Drive both have it on the bottom right.

  • Tara, over a year ago, I set up a systemic alert cluster for a group of people we wanted to follow – there are over 90 names on the list.
  • If you got this far and nothing has worked, maybe resetting your device will make a difference.
  • You can customize your Google News experience by following news topics, publications, and cities you like.
  • Links help people to navigate the web, meaning that unlinked mentions make it harder for readers to reach your site.
  • Google still cares about the style and substance of articles, especially as part of its XML.

Signed URLs let you grant read or write access to an object, through a link, for a specified set amount of time, regardless of whether or not the individual has a Google account. You can create signed URLs with your own program, or using gsutil or Client Libraries. Let’s go back in time, to when you first created a bucket.