Definitely game me some brilliant ideas on which sketchbook to buy next time. If you think that buying a sketchbook is as easy as going to your local stationery store and picking up the first one that catches your fancy, then you’re wrong. If you like traveling light, choose a compact sketchbook. This way it will slip right into your backpack and won’t be a hassle to carry around. A hardbound art journal is obviously more travel-proof than a normal paperback.

I could still access all of my projects, but none of the tools would make any mark whatsoever until I went out of the app, closed it out, and restarted it. After I turned the long-hold-touch shortcut off, the bug didn’t pop up as often, but every once in a while, it still does act like I’ve activated the eyedropper and the app will ‘crash’ again. The bug never happens when I manually go into the color wheel and click the eye dropper button, so I think the bug is linked to the gesture shortcut that I can’t seem to turn off.

Bee Paper Company Creative Marker Book

I hope you will try more in this book, also with other mediums and let us know if it still won’t bleed. If you’re into coloring, you might enjoy this brief article on Tips for Using Alcohol Markers in Coloring Books. I’ve see more information included a scan that shows the swatches of the specific colors I used to color in this sun mandala, categorized by which set they came from. As you can see, the darker colors from the 120-set help deepen the lighter colors from the Pastel Set, resulting in a richer blend of colors. On the whole though, my gripes about the marker case are relatively minor, because some kind of case is certainly better than nothing!

  • It currently publishes more than 6,000 new publications a year, has offices in around fifty countries, and employs more than 5,500 people worldwide.
  • This silky smooth paper mix on the surface to provide the fantastically rich blends they are recognized for.
  • A cheap or poor quality paper will lead to bleed-through, feathering, and insufficient blending time, which can impact the quality of your work and your experience with these markers.
  • These measurements usually start from 20 pounds and can go up to 120 pounds and this refers to how much ink each paper in the stack can absorb.

Sketches by San-Francisco based Thom Faulders of Faulders Studio. And there you have your finished Presentation Board. In conclusion, as a one stop solution for sketching and early architectural renders, SketchBook is great. It lets you create compelling images with its rich color library and drawing tools, it saves you time with its robust undo and layer functionalities and saves you money on traditional art supplies. Manufactured by Piccadilly, this large sketchbook is ideal for the aspiring architect.

Autodesk Sketchbook For Architects

It’s not great for finished work, although you can bring some drawings to a complete render if you wish. It measures the standard A4 size of 8.5″ by 11″ so this should feel like drawing on copy paper. Each page is actually pretty smooth too, so it does replicate the feel of copy paper if you’re used to that texture. If you just want a simple sketchbook then the A4 size should be enough. But if you plan to use it for full drawings then you might want something a larger to show off your skills.