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  • Explorer Trail is the main storyline campaign in which heroes are pumped, increasing the level.
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  • As this resource does not come cheap as well, it is best to weigh in what you would lose if you choose not to spend it before using it.
  • It’s mostly P2P-oriented (sorry F2P folks, you have to stay with Chef almost forever!) but gives a good summary of what I wrote above across each particular Hero.

You will need to face a world full of zombies in this one and you will see that the virus has infected the city. You are a survivor in this game and you will need to help your friends in order to escape as you will be playing this one out. You can build your city so that you will manage to survive the constant waves of zombies. You will need to survive in this one and you will notice that the government and the surviving military have gone underground.

State Of Survival Guide: Beginner’s Tips To Remember

On the lower left area of your base is a giant stereo system with a play button on it. Tap on it and it will start playing loud music that will attract a bunch of zombies. Your troops will then open fire on the incoming zombies from behind the safety of the fence. Zombies that get wiped out by the stereo will drop money.

There are multiple Construction Speed Boost Settlement Buffs you can purchase and activate. These provide a 10% – 15% speed boost for 2-12 hours depending on the buff you activate. These buffs work similarly to Rapid Development–every building upgrade you start while the buff is activated will automatically decrease the time requirement by 10% – 15%. Rapid Development is a must for all players of all levels once it is unlocked.

How To Upgrade Troops?

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