Like the Baby Belle this is a heavy machine for an ultralight weighing 1,500lbs. It is 28 feet 8 inches long and 8 foot high and cruises at 95 mph, with an endurance of 2 hours. The disadvantage of the single seaters is such light helicopters might be more likely to suffer from the wind. Steve Ling of Light s American Sportscopter in Taiwan says models are being used for police traffic watching, agricultural spraying, fishing fleet observation and animal herding. There is some possibility that Ultrasport may have a future in police border patrol and UAV tactical applications but discussions on this are currently continuing.

  • Keep in mind that a 700-fill-power down sleeping bag rated +20°F will be lighter than a 600-fill-power down bag rated +20°F.
  • Outboard oils have a lower flashing point and tend to burn up early in air-cooled engines, causing carbonization and eventual ring sticking.
  • Adopting proper “Leave No Trace” ethics, the ultralighter can reduce their impact on the backcountry.
  • And unlike regular pyramid tents, the asymmetrical layout keeps the sleeping area dry even with the door open.

Modern smartphones incorporate a number of sensors including an electronic compass, GPS receiver, and barometric altimeter. This makes them so much more than just a phone, as none of these sensors are reliant on cell service. As many people already own a phone and may carry it with them, this may present a lighter alternative to carrying additional electronic equipment. PLBs use the COSPAS-SARSAT system, an international satellite system for search and rescue.

Ultralight Not Guaranteed

You’ll want to make sure everything is dialed in how you want it. From how you pack your bag to how much food you’ll need each day. The first day of your backpacking trip is not the time to find out what works and what doesn’t for you. The more you prepare, the more fun you’ll have when the big day comes. The best way to prepare for your first backpacking trip is by hiking as much as you possibly can leading up to the big day.

When we do fly cross-country, the trip is as important as arriving to the destination. A STOL (short take-off and landing) airplane gives us the ability to go to more places, especially in remote areas, where the world becomes your runway . With good payload, we have the ability to haul all the bags we want , or amphibious floats can give us the added capability and freedom to operate from water.

Isn’t It Time?

The easiest way to lighten a load, is to dehydrate your water. Then you throw a flask of whiskey in the top of the pack (what are we, savages? Seriously, though, get one of these instead). Or an Aeropress (am I supposed to sacrifice everything, including good coffee?). In that second, you go from the disciplined shaving of every possible ounce to rashly rationalizing the items that you think will bring you joy, no matter what the weight cost. RapidPure, part of Littleon, New Hampshire’s Adventure Ready Brands, has manufactured water filters since 2014.

While you might find yourself dropping a wad of cash on your next ultralight tent, some come at a higher value than others. Specifically, those that have better performance and a lower cost. To be frank, the lowest cost is ultimately buying a tarp and rolling it into your pack. However, that bulky item may not be as packable as you’d like.